Our Favorite Products: Davines

Being an independent salon, Indigo has the freedom to choose the best products out there. We are not brand exclusive, so we have the freedom to cherry-pick our favorites in each category. This series is going to unpack all the wonderful reasons we chose each brand on our shelves.

Brace yourselves, because this is the big one: Davines. This will be a longer post, because there is SO much to love about Davines! I could do an entire blog series about all the reasons we love Davines, so know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I personally have worked with four different color lines, and six different major hair product lines. The reason that Davines is unique from a lot of these brands is their commitment to ethical sourcing in beauty. Part of this is because they are an Italian based company, and Italy’s standards for their cosmetics are a cut above. Not only have they completely banned animal testing (woo-hoo!) but just like our food in America, the regulations on what we allow into the products we put on our bodies are behind the times. America just recently increased their banned ingredient list from 8 to 11, where Italy has over 1,200 banned ingredients. While ignorance may be bliss, doing some research will make you want to chuck a lot of, even longtime “family” brands, in the garbage. Did you know “No Tears” baby shampoo has numbing agents in it? It’s not “gentler” for baby, it can be harming them if it gets in their eyes, they just can’t feel it. Knowing what’s in our brand makes me love it even more.

Davines’ commitment to sustainable beauty can be seen through their dedication to biodiversity, working with Italian farmers to support generations-old family farms that produce the ingredients in every Essential Haircare product. In fact, if you look at the label of each product in the Essentials line, you can actually find the ingredient, farmer and location of each farm right on the front on each label. The Essential Haircare line’s containers are also food grade plastic so they are able to be reused and repurposed.

Every Davines factory is wind, solar and water powered, but Davines goes a step further and plants trees in developing nations to offset and carbon emissions they may produce. Davines’ is also a B Certified Corporation, which recognizes their commitment to the Earth and sustainable beauty practices.

We’ve all used at least one “all natural” product that just doesn’t cut it as well as the original, (talking to you, all-natural deodorant) so I was a little bit skeptical switching to a brand as natural as Davines. Can it get my hair clean? Can low ammonia color make my red/copper that I have been wearing for over a decade, and it stick without fading? I’m naturally a bit of a “prove it” person, and man alive, Davines did! I have never been able to say this with any other brand before: but there’s not one product on a Davines’ shelf that I wouldn’t recommend to at least one person.

Let’s also talk about the fact that to wash my thick head of hair, it only takes about a nickel size of shampoo. Which, oddly enough, is a huge adjustment. Because Davines doesn’t have artificial waxes found in every drug store shampoo, (and some professional brands) I have found that I actually only need to shampoo my scalp. Using such a little amount of product means a liter of shampoo can last me (if I’m the only one using it) roughly a year and some change. Also, fine haired clients rejoice, my baby fine hair stays clean for 3-4 days with Momo. If you have fine hair, you know what an accomplishment this is. Also, the longer I use it the healthier my hair gets, even through blonding processes, so the less repairing products and detanglers I need.

As I said, Davines has something for everyone including color correcting/enhancing conditioners (every ash blonde needs the silver conditioner,) silicone free hair oils, hair regrowth systems and just about anything you can think of.

One of my favorite lines is the Authentic Line. There are only 4 products in the line, as every product has multiple uses. Authentic is perfect for people who travel or your significant other who won’t give up the 3 in 1 “do it all” shower product. Authentic is 98-100% organic and covers hair, face and body, so the nectar will get you clean and then you choose your level of hydration with your second product. The Authentic Butter is my personal favorite for winter! My hair and skin get extremely dry in the winter months and only having to buy one product, instead of a new facial moisturizer, deep conditioner and body lotion, is the way to go! Bonus: it’s the perfect tattoo aftercare as well. It doesn’t have any harsh alcohols that can irritate a new tattoo and it’s all natural. If you purchase any two Authentic products, you will receive a free in-house shampoo, deep conditioning treatment and blowout with the Authentic line, so you can experience it for yourself!

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